Monthly Archives: July 2011


My family recently went on vacation down in Hilton Head.  In addition to my immediate family, we met up and stayed in a large condo with my wife’s parents, as well as her sister and our niece.  Due to this, beer, and lots of it, was a necessity for me.

Before we left, I searched the area for a good craft beer place where I could maybe place an order so it would be ready for me when I arrived.  Unfortunately, the places down there either didn’t have websites or didn’t have very good ones.

Upon arriving on the island and getting settled into the condo, I went on a beer run.  As luck would have it, there was a craft beer store close to the condo, but in a very crowded shopping area.  After waiting several minutes for the light and another several minutes for a parking lot (never go to Hilton Head during the week of July 4 because everyone and their brother is there), I arrived at a little store called Growlers Craft Beer & Ales.

When I walked to the door, I found it was locked.  I took out my phone to check the time, it was 8:02 and according to the sign on the door, they close at 8:00…on a Saturday…during their busiest week of the year.  I was not pleased.

I hopped in my car and drove to another beer place I passed on the way in.  As luck would have it, it too was closed.  I dejectedly walked across the parking lot to the local Harris Teeter and picked up a 4-pack of Sam Adams Imperial Stout and a bottle of Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout (earlier in the day, I had picked up a sixer of Harpoon IPA at the Publix while we were shopping for milk, snacks, and other things).

The collection of Sam Adams, Samuel Smith and the Harpoon got me through the first night, but I made it a point to get to Growlers before closing time the next day.

When that next day arrived, I was very pleased to find Growlers was exactly what I had hoped it was.  You might be able to get a case of Busch Lite, but this was not a place that focused on crappy American macro beers, this was all about craft and import beer.

All the main American players were there–Avery, Rogue, Bell’s, Dogfish Head, etc–as well as some imports.  Since everything on the island is over-priced, I expected the worst.  But I was pleasantly surprised with spending just $42 on 6 bombers; as well as the friendliness and knowledge of the owner, who happened to ring me up.

In all, I was able to mark about a dozen different beers off my beer wish list.  More on what I enjoyed later.