Bavik–Gouden Triple Ale

This is the last of the Bavik beers I received with the gift pack.  Their Triple, a 7.5% golden Ale…Gouden means golden in Dutch.

Not surprisingly, the body is golden in color.  There seems to be a slight bit of cloudiness in the beer, and because this beer goes through a secondary fermentation in the bottle, it should be a bit hazy.  Look quick, however, because the thin white head is gone before you know it.  Not sure what it is with beers from this Brewery, but the head never seems to stay around very long.


While the scent is not aggressive in the least, I can pick up a couple things that go with the style.  There is a fruitiness from either pear and/or green apple and a peppery yeast strain.  That is par for the course, at least with Belgian triples.

Fortunately, the beer tastes like it should.  Like in the nose, you can taste a combination of tart fruits and the spicy yeast.  However, there is also a dark fruit flavor that is a bit unusual.  Hops finally make an appearance as you approach the swallow.

Bavik gave us some nice complexity with this beer as it goes from sweet to tart and spicy and back to sweet again.  Despite little in the way of head, there is a bite in the finish from the carbonation which intensifies the different sensations going on in the mouth.  And, the tartness and the carbonation help keep the beer feeling lighter than 7.5% ABV should feel.

Of the three beers I received in the gift pack, this is by far my favorite.  It’s very easy to drink, the addition of what gives it that final dark fruity taste is really nice.  The complex mouthfeel keeps your palate guessing.  And the ABV is appropriate.


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