This beer is the result of Weyerbacher taking their English Barleywine called Insanity, and adding Cinnamon, and a few other tricks, to it.  Insanity is already at 11.1% ABV, but when they finished Cinnsanity, it broke the scale at 13.3%.

Cinnsanity will turn heads with it’s stunning looks.  A dark, mahogany brown colored body that you can’t begin to see through is just what the doctor ordered.  Just above that luscious liquid is a dirty yellow, cascading head that stands several fingers thick.  With that high ABV, the head doesn’t retain very well, but the beer is still fun to look at.


Sadly, I’m not a huge fan of cinnamon in beer as most Brewers overdo the spice.  This beer is hugely spice forward and the cinnamon completely dominates the nose. Rumor has it that the bourbon barrel aging of Cinnsanity brings about notes of cherry and vanilla, but I’m hung up in the cinnamon.

Fortunately, the spice doesn’t overwhelm the taste buds.  It’s still the dominant flavor, but the hints of caramel and toffee from the malts keep it in check and the vanilla does show its teeth.  After a few sips I start to pick up something that sort of resembles cherry juice, but the alcohol creates some amazing heat in the swallow and my mouth started to go numb before I could clearly say it’s cherry.

Did I mention this beer brings the heat?  It starts off smooth and creamy, like a good English Barleywine will, and a bit sweet from all the malts.  However, the spice takes over immediately and as the beer moves past midsip, there’s an inferno taking place on the palate.  I’m starting to get tipsy now, so I wonder, did I tell you this makes your mouth hot and numb?

Cinnsanity is still a good beer as the cinnamon never totally crosses the line and the flavors all work fairly well together.  This beer is good for about five years of aging so I’m going to save one last bottle for 2022.


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