Stone Brewing–Farking W00tStout

This strangely-named beer is a collaboration between Stone Brewing, Drew Curtis (of, and Wil Wheaton (Wes Crusher in the newer Star Trek series and Gordie in Stand By Me).  The name is strange and I have no idea what it means, but it’s a 13% ABV imperial stout brewed with a weird collection of grains and aged in bourbon barrels.

I love it from the looks alone.  Slowly, the thick black beer comes out of the bottle.  About halfway through the pour, the head finally begins to form.  The small bubbles grow into a shade of light brown and as time goes by, the head looks like what you see on top of a cup of cocoa.  You can almost see how creamy this beer will feel.


It smells like a campfire with all those roasty grains that make up the malt bill.  Brewed with pecans, there is an earthy nuttiness in the nose.  Just a hint of coffee and some alcohol esters come through as the beer warms.

Take a sip and a lot happens.  My taste buds are telling me there’s coffee, licorice, chocolate, nuts, and rye.  Near the finish, in a surprising twist, a dose of dark fruits present before the bourbon flavor ends the experience.

W00tStout is exceptionally smooth and creamy.  With all those different flavors, it’s very easy to sip (at 13% ABV, you need to sip rather than drink).  I believe I read it brings 65 IBUs to the table, but you won’t notice much bitterness.  It’s fruity and sweet before the heat from the alcohol and the spice from the rye start to take a toll.  This is beyond full-bodied.  The finish is sticky as there is a syrupy goodness that coats your tongue.

I’m beyond happy that I bought this beer, and happier still that I picked up an additional two bottles to age for a few years.  The best part is after my 15% discount, this yummy bottle of alcohol only ran me about $8.10 per bottle.  I can’t wait to try this after it’s been cellared for a while.


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