Midnight Sun Brewing–Monk’s Mistress

From the name of the brewery, you may guess this beer to be made from the land of the cold, and you’re right.  This beer is from Alaska.  Monk’s Mistress is supposed to seduce you from the first sip, but it had me right after I poured it.

A Belgian-style Special Dark Ale, the body is a dark brown mahogany that’s rich and cloudy enough to be totally opaque.  Three fingers of yellowish khaki bubbles make their way to the top and retain for several minutes.  When the head dies, a nice white lace stays behind.


Its scent has to be what Heaven smells like.  A handful of malts give it a dark fruit smell while the Belgian yeast strain provides a brown sugar note.  Chocolate malts hide in the back, while the two British hops give an earthy, woody aroma.  This Mistress almost smells sweet.

The flavor…to die for.  A combination of ripe, dark fruits and a skosh of chocolate marry well with the sugar notes.  With the high level of alcohol (11.5%) and the earthy hops comes a bourbon-like taste in the finish.

Both hop varieties are low alpha acid hops primarily used for aroma, as such, there is almost no bitterness, just 13 IBUs.  However, this beer isn’t too sweet because of the alcohol cutting through the maltiness.  Very full-bodied, you can really drink this beer because it’s so smooth, despite the high alcohol content.

This is easily my favorite beer from this brewer.  Sadly, I had to order it online and have it shipped just to get it, but it was worth it.  Great tasting high alcohol Triple Ales are my thing.


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48-year old married father of one with a new hobby of trying craft beers

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