Elysian–Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale

I’m not sure yet how I feel about the appearance of this beer.  It brings the classic pale ale look to the table with a golden copper color and a foamy bright white head.  There’s chill haze early on and initially it’s opaque.  My concern is the floaties in the beer.  Normally, this is yeast sediment and is part of the goodness.  However, in this case, it kind of resembles pulp from the blood oranges.  Continuing with the typical appearance, there’s a sticky lace around the top portion of the glass.


Elysian used a few West Coast hops that provide a citric smell, but the addition of the blood orange really stands out in the nose.  Pale and Munich malts were used and you can pick up the pale variety pretty easily.

Superfuzz tastes like crackers and orange rind.  The cracker-like taste is the malt, while the orange rind is obviously from the added fruit.  As the beer warms a little, the citrus flavor from the West Coast hops begins to emerge and it marries well with the orange.

There’s dullness in the finish that confuses me a bit.  The beer starts off fairly smooth before the transition to bitter, but before the bitterness really takes over, that dullness hits and the mouthfeel simply ends, with only minor bitterness that barely lingers.  Also, you can pick up what I believe to be pulp, but it’s mostly non-descript and doesn’t affect the feel at all.

I don’t drink many pale ales these days due to the overwhelming inventory of IPAs in beer stores.  The smells, tastes, and mouthfeel sensations of a pale ale are typically muted compared to an IPA and that was the case with this beer.  That said, this was tasty, though the mouthfeel was a bit strange.



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  1. I just opened up my first bottle of superfuzz to give it a try. I have to agree, there was a huge amount of sediment in the beer and I had to Google it to make sure it was normal before drinking.

    I was definitely surprised I didn’t feel any of the sediment as I was taking a drink. Over all, kind of like the beer. It does tend to have a little bitter aftertaste, which isn’t horrible.

    I kind of like the fact all this sediment is in the beer (especially since you don’t notice it while drinking it). It almost helps add to the freshness and distinguishes the beer from other blood orange ales I’ve had.

    I will definitely be purchasing this beer again.

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