Stone–Tangerine Express IPA

In the past, Stone has put out an Enjoy By… with tangerine and it’s amazing.  Hopefully this will be more of the same.  This is much lower in ABV, only 6.7%, and has tangerine in addition to puréed pineapple.  Sounds amazing, so let’s see.

For the most part, the appearance is standard issue.  A bit of chill haze while the beer is still cold gives the golden orange color a cloudy look.  As the beer warms it should be a bit clearer.  The head starts off a couple fingers thick, but lacks the long retention of most IPAs, the peaks and valleys in the bubbles, and the sticky lacking.


This IPA smells like a basket of citrus fruits…grapefruit, tangerines, and pineapple.  It’s glorious.  Subtle hints of pine and crackers take care of the pale malt and handful of hops.

The taste has these same ingredients, only on a less aggressive scale than the scent.  However, these flavors do come alive near the finish, particularly those handful of hops.

With 75 IBUs, the bitter quality is pretty intense and that translates into the mouthfeel as well.  The finish is somewhat dry and the carbonation magnifies the bitterness.  It’s fairly light-bodied, while the bitterness really lingers.

This beer is definitely not the same beer as their Enjoy By…beer.  It’s a good drinking beer, especially on a warm day.


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