Epic Brewing–Brainless On Peaches

This is a take on Epic’s normal Belgian-style Ale, Brainless, with peach purée added.  In addition, it’s aged in oak barrels that formerly held French Chardonnay wine.  Seems to be more of a hybrid beer as it’s brewed with champagne yeast, is aged in wine barrels, and is supposed to be a beer.  Let’s see.

For a beer, it brings little joy to my eyes.  It’s very pale in body, you can almost see through it despite a bit of chill haze early on.  Despite champagne yeast, almost no bubbles form even though there is a loud pop when you crack open the top.  Without bubbles, the head is mediocre at best and there isn’t any lacing.


Even the scent is hybrid-like.  While I don’t know much about wine or champagne, this clearly has the nose of the two.  You can practically smell dry and tart.  In the background is the peach purée and it adds a refreshing lightness to the drink.  Larger whiffs will queue a little note of alcohol.

Following the smell, the taste is what you would expect.  There are hints of peach, but Earthy German noble hops, pale malt, candied sugar, bark, and white wine display more aggressiveness.  Peach, candied sugar, and alcohol grow as they reach the finish.

Very complex mouthfeel.  Sweet then tart then crisp and dry.  The 11.3% ABV brings some warmth to the swallow, with the champagne yeast providing a crisp, cleansing feel.  In seeming opposition to the high ABV, Brainless On Peaches is only light- to medium-bodied.

Epic brews a couple similar Brainless beers, one with cherries and another with raspberries.  I don’t expect this beer to score very high on the BeerAdvocate website I use due mostly to the look and mouthfeel, but I’d like to try both those other beers as this peach version was a good beer to sit back and relax with.  Sadly, it’s too wine- and champagne-like to score well on a beer site.


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