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Unibroue is a brewer near Montreal that typically brews Belgian-inspired beers.  While they have a few lighter alcohol beers, they tend to favor the stronger beers.

A medium brown pour that’s a bit lighter around the edges, it’s still dark enough to be opaque.  Taking a closer look at the beer, you’ll note bubbles never stop rising from the bottom of the glass.  Good carbonation creates a mostly white head that can be about as thick as you want it to be.  Eventually, the head subsides and turns into a lovely dollop of creaminess up top.  Almost 10 minutes after popping the top and there remains a quarter inch of bubbles that stays with you.  Each time you disrupt the head, an attractive lacing is left behind.


Unibroue creates labels that are masterpieces and their names usually go with a story.  If I remember right, ‘Maudite’ means ‘the damned.’  I could be wrong, but that’s what I think I remember.

Belgian Dubbels are what comes to mind with each sniff.  Mostly malty things that smell of caramel malt, like a soda.  A spicy scent is there, but the exact spices escape me as they combine and become one.  Hops are likely of the European variety, mostly for bittering and not much for flavor or aroma.

It tastes like any run of the mill, world-class Belgian Dubbel would.  Loads of caramel, and the spices seem to be clove-like, with a possible of addition of anise for a faint licorice note.  Again, hops take a back seat as the spices provide the balance against the malt.  Alcohol is listed at 8% but is hardly noticed.

Mostly sweet up front with the spicy feel taking over from midsip on.  As mentioned, the spices balance nicely against the malty sweetness.  The spices and alcohol provide just enough warmth to let you know Maudite is a beer.  The medium body means you can have a few of these before feeling bloated.

Extremely drinkable, like all Dubbels shold be, this is another go-to beer of mine as it’s a good beer for all types of weather.  The snack factor is minuscule since the drinkability is so high.  Maudite gives few nits to pick.